Best hookups in UK online – Full analysis and statistics for singles

Get to know top facts about UK hookups and singles online in the United Kingdom. Best info about getting laid with UK personals from gay to straight and kinky 

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UK singles are known to be pickier and more specific towards the hookup apps they use. Also, they do attend niche parties more often than in US and reportedly practice more kinks. 

Waiting For Hookup In A Bed
Laying In A Bed

So which top facts about adult dating in UK one should know, in order to succeed? Some detailed stats and in-depth analysis would help you to make your personal and intimate choices

Best apps for hookup in UK 

The most downloaded apps for casual sex in the United Kingdom are well reflecting the open-mindedness of singles and couples. The UK citizens are surely one step ahead of other westerners

Being aware of which platforms impress them and beat the ratings, simplify the process of acquaintance and hookup initiation. Just sign up on one of them and enjoy your success online. 

The app name Number of downloads in UK, 2021 
Tinder 2.5 mln. 
eHarmony 0.8 mln. 
Match com0.6 mln. 
Silver Singles 0.3 mln. 
UK Hookup Apps Official Rating
London Hookup Apps: Compare Video

Although the last three ones are considered appropriate for serious dating, most UK users report they tend to meet casual partners there. Along with that, they use popular escort apps a lot

UK Hookup Women Photos
Choosing Good Photo

AdultFriendFinder is a leader among them, while Feeld and Whiplr come next. They are used for multiple purposes from escort ordering to kinky events attending and BDSM affairs.

Top kinks to try in UK 

The United Kingdom has stopped being a traditional country decades ago, and if to be very exact, almost a century ago. Modern couples and loners find their vocation in kinks and fetishes

  1. Swinger lifestyle. Is it still out of the social norm? No less than 23% of UK couples are practicing it weekly, and around 60%, occasionally. It’s much higher than in USA. 
  2. Bondage. Around 82% reported they are practicing bondage in bed from time to time, and it’s already a part of their sexual routine. It’s comparing to 54% in USA. 
  3. Pet play. May vary from using pet accessories and nicknames to a severe form like having an obedient slave. No less than 28% of young UK singles are into this play. 
Independent Hookup Women
Kinks To Try With Hookup Women

Today, Britons seem more excited about new adult possibilities than about old-time activities like speed dating. These events are visited the least, statistics say. 

Along with that, sex shops and themed studios in UK serving different kinks, are developing rapidly. Niche subcultures and darker sexual modes shall replace vanilla dating to a great degree

The hottest places to hook up in UK

Quickies and full one-night-stands are equally desirable among UK singles. The question is where they prefer to arrange them, online, offline, or via phone call escort orders. 

The analysis shows, this depends on a person’s social status, age, and other parameters. Still, there are common tendencies that unite all hookup seekers’ groups and categories

TheBest Hookup Spots
Hookup Spots
  • Casual sex apps. Sites like Bumble and Pure remain the leaders if to ask folks where they meet online for sex in UK. Especially Bumble, since UK girls like to take initiative
  • Escort listings. Call girls and HE masseuses are now in high demand in UK. Sites like Listcrawler, MegaPersonals, and AdultSearch are used by Britons the most. 
  • Adult clubs. Various discos from cabarets with strippers to niche kinky clubs with special events are visited a lot. Sex guide sites would list the best ones for hookups

Less than 20% would meet new people for intimacy via common buddies or co-workers. 10 years ago, it would be 45% approx. So, UK folks do lean towards virtual acquaintances in sex

Who is seeking online hookups in UK 

Although all age groups in the United Kingdom express interest in casual affairs, 25 to 29 y.o. singles are the main users of hookup apps. The number of males and females is equal though

With the feminist movement slowly winning over, UK women often choose to make the first step. Meanwhile, senior singles also prefer casual affairs to classical commitment. 

Single students – 46%. They do use Tinder, Happn, or Down for finding extra hookups online. 

Adult UK Hookup Women
Adult Hookup Women

Single parents – 21%. The majority want LTR, while Plenty of Fish is for fun Friday nights

Single businessmen – 13%. Luxy, Raya, Tinder Select are their chosen apps for sex.

Mature and senior singles, sex-positive couples, and other minor categories would use their own niche sites for quickies and one-night-stands. Yet, Badoo is a choice number one for most of them.

Best massage parlors for hookups in UK

Like other western countries, the United Kingdom is now filled with Asian SPAs and local massage parlors meant for a happy ending. There are plenty of chains in a big city to choose from. 

The point is that not all UK folks consider this a hookuping activity. For many, it’s just another form of relax with a pleasant but impersonal bonus. Not all parlors serve a full service though

CityMP number, 2021
London 38
Birmingham 29
Quality Of Massage In UK Cities

These are exactly the kinky SPAs with multi-functional masseuses who also work as strippers or call girls. So, visitors do have good chances for full service and CBJ or at least prolonged Nuru

Sexy Ebony Woman
Cute Looking Woman

Some of the chains are Tantric Massage, Oasis SPA, and Relaxing Oriental. They can be found in all big cities of the UK, and be ready that girls are much into satisfying their clients fully

Sex tourism stats in UK 

Around 40% of UK citizens are ready for traveling across the country or abroad seeking casual adventures. They would call very different reasons for such a quest

  • Exoticism. Many Britons report being into exotic lovers, particularly, Asians. It makes Angeles in the Philippines and Bangkok in Thai the top popular destinations for sex.
  • Femininity. Modern UK women managed to be very strong personals. Up to 7 percent are overweight. Guys are seeking petite lovers in China and Kazakhstan. 
  • On-budget hookups. UK escorts and sugar babies happen to be pricey. Sochi in Russia and Odesa in Ukraine would offer much fairer costs yet higher quality
Sex Tourism For Women
Sex Tourism In Londom

The majority of single Britons would seek quickies and full one-night-stands in other big cities though. There’s also Ireland with hot redheads and great beer for hookup lovers. 

With 36% of never married folks in UK and the rest few percent of coupled ones seeking adventures, it creates quite a big rotation between populous cities rich in nightclubs. 

LGBT hookup apps in UK

Reportedly, the number of LGBTQ+ people is increasing by 1% every 4 years. Another fact is that only a third part of them have a stable partner. It opens a big field for a sex-positive lifestyle.

Most non-binary folks claim they do not see any problem in using the general casual dating app instead of just a niche gay platform. So, the sites they choose also suit bi-curious singles.

Any Gender LGBT Dating
Independent Of Gender Dating
  1. Feeld. A great option for couples and loners of any gender or search purpose, Feeld is very popular on UK gay scene too. It serves well both for hookups and LTR.
  2. Adam4Adam. It is more popular in UK than in USA, and bisexual personals do join it too. The only flaw is the absence of a queer environment and educative blogs.
  3. SDC. It’s another universal app for all genders and niche hookup seekers. Mostly used for couples and threesomes, it unites LGBT folks just as effectively
  4. Quiver. UK singles seem to choose it more often than other kinky apps, and gay personals aren’t an exception. Any kind of affair can be found there easily. 
  5. OnlyLads. It’s a frequent choice in the United Kingdom, on the opposite to USA. The site is loved for its user-friendly design and for being focused on bisexual men. 

It becomes obvious that Britons interested in same-sex encounters and relationships, do not mind merging with other categories of seekers. Both in online and offline connections, experts admit

This open-mindedness helps to create multi-sided communities and environments for real hookups and adult parties of the 21st century. No one is judged there and people co-exist in harmony. 

Mature hookups in UK 

The profound analysis says, 40-45 y.o. and older singles prefer to get acquainted for hookups either in real or on desktop sites. They started to use the sex apps actively only in 2021

Around 7% of mature Britons have had successful hookups via the apps back in 2020, and their number increased to 12% in a year. Still, it’s less than younger UK folks’ data regarding the apps. 

Cougar: this type of hookup phone applications is a leader if to compare success rates. Mature women in UK meet younger men for casual sex and the mutual motivation is big. 

Sugar daddy: elite adult dating apps are sharing the 1st place with cougar platforms since more than a half of UK singles are wealthy or well-provided. They do choose hookup culture

Free Women Hookup Chat
Online Hookup Chat

Same age: only a smaller percentage of Britons are interested in same-age casual encounters. Yet, they succeed as well, especially if their choice is some kinky sexual niche. 

Just a decade ago, same-age couples and casual affairs prevailed in the United Kingdom. To get younger lovers, naughty locals had to travel far. Today, things are way less conservative

Cheating and adultery on UK hookup apps

Back in 2015, UK folks who identified as married or taken would use special adultery sites and apps like Ashley Madison. They are known to be meant for secret cheaters of all ages and genders.

As the time flew, things like a panic button or vulgar webcam girls, simply grew old-fashioned. Modern UK couples give a hall pass to their spouses or partners and arrange threesomes. 

The app namePercent of UK users
SDC 35%
3rder 15%
3somer 12%
Quiver 9%
Adult Chat Apps

Although there is a smaller part of Britons comparing to US members on these best swinger apps, the number is still high. The country is getting less traditional and more fun, including couples’ life.

Asian Adult Dating
Adult Asian Woman


Member structure on UK hookup sites 

In the mid of the 2000s, male members prevailed on hookup dating apps. It has been stably 85%. In 2021, there’s more equality between genders registered on casual sex platforms. 

On average, there are 70% of single men vs 30% of single women. It doesn’t mean UK girls are less pro-active than their American peers though, specialists say. 

Structure Of Hookup Sites
UK Hookup Sites Structure

It rather means UK females are extremely dynamic in their daily life, from career to clubbing and outdoors. This is where they are finding their casual partners, quickies, and one-night-stands. 

  • Tinder – 21 mln. men vs 9 mln. women
  • eHarmony – 8.2 mln. men vs 2.5 mln. women
  • PoF – 28 mln. men vs 19 mln. women 

The ratio may differ from app to app, but this tendency remains. Male Britons meet sex partners online, mostly. While females combine that with the eye-contact search in real life. 

UK hookups and safety 

The United Kingdom is known as a safe environment for all virtual activities, including casual Internet affairs. Only on the condition that they are local. Nothing is guaranteed with sex tourism though. 

As cautious and balanced personals, UK singles tend to use escort & hookup sites with reviews and responses available. It’s even better if these sources are discussed on some open forum. 

Safety Hookup Duration
Safety During Hookup

Then a scam rate is possible to increase to the safe minimum, which is a good bonus to one’s common sense and experience. Here is the 2021 latest data on scam alerts and users’ reports. 

Catfishing was an issue in 21% of local hookup attempts. Men are catfished more often

Money scams happened in 11% of cases, meaning that users have sent the money not just were asked to. Bank card charges in a fraudulent way took place in 28% of cases, but in most of them, users got a refund either via the app team or via their bank claim. High-rated platforms aren’t caught in that.